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Finding Balance Between Saving and Spending (Ep.6)

Saving and spending money are both critical steps in order to achieve the financial stability you are hoping for.

But too much of either, can be just as bad for your bank account.

In this episode, Beth Blecker talks about the differences savers and spenders need to make inorder to have financial stability throughout the rest of their lives. Beth also incorporates the different stages in life everyone goes through, but affects everyone differently when it comes to either saving or spending. 

Beth discusses: 

  • If spenders and savers can find a common ground or are they just too different
  • The difference between saving when you first start working compared to when your near your retirement
  • How a properly managed cash flow analysis can help you budget
  • How Beth and Matt help clients nearing retirement who are spending too much
  • Real life stories of people who have more money than they thought during retirement
  • And more


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