Getting to Know, Matt Blecker CFP, CFA, MBA (Ep.2)

As you enter retirement, you want to be sure the professionals handling your finances, and helping advise you on making major financial decisions, have the best interest for you at heart.

In this inaugural episode, Matt Blecker CFP, CFA, MBA, shares his story on how he became a financial planner and created Eastern Planning with his mother Beth Blecker. Also, learn why he strives towards completing a secure and beneficial financial plan for each of his client’s retirement.

Matt discusses: 

  • His ideal client and how Eastern Planning uses minimal marketing efforts while still achieving their desired level of success 
  • How he is able to provide full service financial planning
  • His proudest achievements and words of advice to you
  • And more 

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About Our Host: 

Matt Blecker CFP, CFA, MBA, specializing in portfolio management and IRA distribution planning, Matt applies his strong analytical skills and diligent research to developing customized portfolios for each client. Along with investment, IRA distribution, retirement and tax planning advice, he guides clients in managing their behavior more effectively in order to maximize the benefits of investing in a diversified, long-term oriented portfolio.

Matt is known for his dedication to educational excellence—most notably his CFA® charter, CFP® certification and M.B.A. from Columbia University Business School, renowned for its value investing expertise and graduates such as Warren Buffett and Mario Gabelli. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Insurance from Pennsylvania State University.