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Retirement Savings Revolution: Exploring SECURE Act 2.0 (Ep. 10)

The SECURE Act 2.0, that stands for Setting Every Community Up for Retirement, is an improved piece of legislation, expanding on the original SECURE Act that was first passed in December 2019. The new rendition of this legislation could have big implications and might change when you are required to take minimum distributions.

In this episode, Beth Blecker is joined by Sarah Brenner, Director of Retirement Education from Ed Slott & Company to talk about the new rendition of the Secure Act 2.0 and how it will affect your portfolio. 

Beth and Sarah discuss: 

  • Changes to required minimum distribution age
  • The new expansion of savings options
  • Some new changes to taxes under this legislation
  • And more

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About Our Guest: 

Sarah has worked for almost twenty years helping clients solve complex technical IRA questions.  She has been a contributing writer for many IRA texts, articles and training manuals and has been quoted in national financial and tax publications such as CCH IRA Guide. 

She is an experienced speaker who has educated thousands of professionals in the financial industry including attorneys, CPAs, bankers, financial advisors, and brokers on retirement plan rules.  Sarah has won praise for her ability to communicate complex laws in an easy-to-understand way and provide practical strategies for clients.

Sarah is a contributing writer and editor for Ed Slott’s IRA Advisor newsletter, distributed to thousands of financial advisors nationwide, and writes for several areas of the company’s website, www.irahelp.com. Sarah also serves as a valuable resource for the members of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group™, a 400+ member organization of some of the country’s top financial advisors who are dedicated to becoming experts in IRA distribution planning. She consults with firm clients and creates IRA course manuals and training programs for financial advisors.

Sarah is a graduate of Smith College and Villanova School of Law.  She is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar.  She practiced law with a concentration in elder law for several years and for fifteen years was a senior consultant with PMC, Pension Management Company, an independent IRA consulting firm for financial organizations nationwide.

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New Year Goals and Objectives (Ep.9)

The beginning of the year is not just to set new goals, but to look at what you’ve already accomplished.

In this episode, Beth Blecker discusses how to realistically set short and long term goals and why you should review them every single year.

Beth discusses: 

  • Being realistic with your short term goals
  • Continuously reviewing your long term goals to stay on track
  • How you could lose a million dollars
  • Why you should be reviewing the monthly services your paying for
  • And more


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Last Minute Things To Do Before Year End (Ep.8)

The year is almost over and that means it’s time to focus on those things you might have been pushing off until these final months of the year. 

In this episode, Matthew Blecker outlines five key processes you might want to consider revisiting before the year end. He explains how having enough money in the bucket is important when riding out any bear market in stocks or bonds and making sure you are protected in the case where the economy takes a big hit. 

Matthew discusses: 

  • Which of your buckets should be refilled and maintained going into 2023
  • The importance of rebalancing your portfolio on a timely basis 
  • How you can adapt your portfolio to the tax bracket you are in for more effective planning
  • And more

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Legal Documents Your Kids Should Have Before They Become Adults (Ep.7)

When your kids were born, you made sure all your legal documents were in place and your estate plans were all laid out. But, have you updated anything?

In this episode, Beth Blecker has some suggestions to walk you through legal documents you should have in place once your kids become adults.

Beth discusses: 

  • Why having a health proxy is an important medical decision for your kids
  • The importance of getting a durable financial power of attorney
  • The benefits of having a power of attorney
  • And more 


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How To Use The Secure Act and Roth Conversions To Your Advantage (Ep.4)

As you look to the future, will you have the resources to support the lifestyle you want?

In this episode, Beth Blecker and Matthew Blecker share some of the financial opportunities made possible by the Secure Act and availability of Roth Conversions. Along with the important distinction between retirement and estate planning. 

Beth and Matthew discuss: 

  • The ways Roth Conversions can help you minimize your taxes
  • Pros and cons of Roth Conversions
  • How the Secure Act II would change the starting age
  • The difference between retirement planning and estate planning
  • And more

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What It’s Like Working With Eastern Planning (Ep.3)

Everyone wants clear and trusted guidance when it comes to creating a smart financial plan that is designed to work with your future goals.

Where do you start? Well, look no further!

In this episode, Beth and Matt Blecker talk about the process of becoming a client at Eastern Planning and how they determine a personalized financial plan for their clients. 

Beth and Matt discuss: 

  • What to expect during your first contact with Eastern Planning
  • What is involved during their first three appointments
  • How they determine the type of financial support a clients needs
  • How they stay connected to their clients while hosting fun events
  • And more

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Getting to Know, Matt Blecker CFP, CFA, MBA (Ep.2)

As you enter retirement, you want to be sure the professionals handling your finances, and helping advise you on making major financial decisions, have the best interest for you at heart.

In this inaugural episode, Matt Blecker CFP, CFA, MBA, shares his story on how he became a financial planner and created Eastern Planning with his mother Beth Blecker. Also, learn why he strives towards completing a secure and beneficial financial plan for each of his client’s retirement.

Matt discusses: 

  • His ideal client and how Eastern Planning uses minimal marketing efforts while still achieving their desired level of success 
  • How he is able to provide full service financial planning
  • His proudest achievements and words of advice to you
  • And more 

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About Our Host: 

Matt Blecker CFP, CFA, MBA, specializing in portfolio management and IRA distribution planning, Matt applies his strong analytical skills and diligent research to developing customized portfolios for each client. Along with investment, IRA distribution, retirement and tax planning advice, he guides clients in managing their behavior more effectively in order to maximize the benefits of investing in a diversified, long-term oriented portfolio.

Matt is known for his dedication to educational excellence—most notably his CFA® charter, CFP® certification and M.B.A. from Columbia University Business School, renowned for its value investing expertise and graduates such as Warren Buffett and Mario Gabelli. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Insurance from Pennsylvania State University.


Getting to Know, Beth Blecker (Ep.1)

Money can bring up many emotions. 

But when you have a structured plan in place and a team behind you working for your finances, things can be a lot easier.

In this inaugural episode, Beth Blecker, chief executive officer of Eastern Planning, Inc,  introduces herself, and shares information about the company, and gives you a view of what to expect from this new podcast series! 

Beth discusses: 

  • How she started Eastern Planning in 1995
  • The details of what her book ‘It’s Not Just Money, It’s Life™’ is all about
  • The education she provides her clients
  • Insights into who she is outside of the office
  • And more


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About Your Host:

Drawing upon her many years of experience in retirement planning and particular expertise in distribution strategies, Beth Blecker provides clients approaching their retirement years or in times of transition with proactive financial strategies. She understands that it’s not just your money, it’s your life and works towards helping establish financial balance.